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Block Pattern Editor external midi in
Hello, I'm new to NDLR and after a few days of playing with it (V2), it meets my expectations. But, I didn't find a way to block external midi notes from modifying pattern while in Pattern Editor. I found a 2 years old thread reporting it. Has it been fixed? Motifs are one of the main features of the device and this seriously affects the workflow when the NDLR is driven by an external sequencer device.
It´s part of the philosopy of the NDLR and will not be fixed, as I have understood the developer. Take it as a feature: That way you can easy edit the note pattern via your NDLR Cntl CH
Ok, thanks for the info. Should be ok, as most of features are available in main screen. Not sure of the philosophy behind where a on/off toggle could do it.
(12-14-2021, 06:21 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: I definitely see the benefit of what you are requesting and it's been requested before, but it just goes against the NDLRs design philosophy.

What the NDLR is at it's core is basically a tool to Noodle with all your gear while you unwind from a hard days of work, it's like the MIDI version of a Miller High Life. And like someone after a few Miller High Lifes, it's a meandering path that the NDLR cuts, and having parts cut in and out (by hand or via CC or Mod Matrix) is a big part of it's identity.

Unfortunately every design decision is a double edged sword, and is guaranteed to polarize a users experience (there are two types of people in the world, those who like it and those who don't). It's hard, because we do want to make people happy, but the reality is that when we do change things from time to time, inevitably we hear from someone else shortly after telling us they wished we had left it the way it was.

So in short, it's not a bad idea, but I'm sorry to say that it's not likely to be something we change at this point in time.


This is the immovable position of the developper found in one of many threads with this topic. I am pretty sure you will not be the last in search of this feature.
Part of the problem with modifying the NDLR behavior is that there literally are no bits left in persistent memory to a state on/off value. We can't add an on off switch that would be persistent across saves. I will press again and see what I can do, though. Can't hurt to ask.

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