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MRCC with Ableton Live and Launchpad pro Mk3
Hello to all.

The Launchpad pro Mk3 is able to drive Ableton Live in session mode.

If I connect the LPMK3 to one of the USB ports of the MRCC and the MRCC to my PC , I Can see the MRCC in
the liste of devices in Ableton Live but I cannot use the session mode of the LPMK3

Is there something I am missing or is it impossible to make this working??


The USB ports of the MRCC are essentially MIDI ports, as no other data is passed on them. The Mk3 is utilizing the USB connection in another capacity when it is in it's controller mode, and as such, direct USB connection to the host is required.
Okay , Thank You for the answer

As I understand , the talking between Ableton Live and LPMK3 is some kind of "magic language" that only these two can use

I was hoping that it was midi (sysex or NRPN)  Sad

So there is no way to put the MRCC in the middle and make it "the third man"

"Sad but True" as said Metallica

Thanks and have a nice day.


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