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Hello, anyone home?
Seems quiet here...I believe it's soon time for Conductive Labs to give us an update with regards to NDLR OS development.

Make some noise C.L.! Big Grin
Busy busy! We've been juggling getting the new units produced, working on a new product, and supporting The NDLR. Steve just finished the MIDI controller feature and has started on the chord sequencer. The latest "beta" release should probably have gone to the website as an official release, but there was one report of an issue that we haven't been able to reproduce. Otherwise, it seems to be quite an improvement over the previous official release, if you haven't tried it you should!
Thank you for your work, and for any updates! I got my NDLR a few weeks ago and was also planning to post a lot more questions in this forum, alas, I was busy noodling! ; )

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