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Osmose – 2 virtual USB MIDI I/O ports
I got an Osmose, and it provides two virtual MIDI In/Out ports via USB. Virtual IN port 2 is always connected to Osmoses internal sound engine, so if I want to send recorded MIDI to the Osmose sound engine or play it via an external MPE controller I need to send data to virtual port 2.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be possible via MRCC because MRCC’s USB HOST ports (A, B, C & D) each support four inbound “virtual cables”, but only one outbound. 

Could multiple virtual OUT ports be added via a firmware update or are there other reasons for this limitation?
While it's possible to do, the amount of work that would need to go into it to changing the underlying architecture of the device would greatly outweigh the benfits. Unfortunately this isn't something we plan on adding to the firmware at this point, I'm sorry to say.
Just bought MRCC hoping this would solve the virtual USB problem for my Squarp HAPAX & Osmose Expressive E problems as well. Very disappointed this is not possible using MRCC, why?
Same problem here, but with midi sequencers - just can't use it via USB (which is best option for two way midi communication and power).
Any news on this topic? Would it really require to change the underlying architecture of MRCC? It's hard to see why.

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