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MMRC CC mapping

I need to remap incoming CC messages to various different output CC messages.

Upon reading the manual, it would seem that we're limited to 6 possible CC re-maps.

I need more than 6 re-maps in order to control my drum machine's parameters from an external MIDI controller, using at least 16 controllers, i.e. faders, knobs, etc.).

Is there a way I can do this using the MRCC?

Thanks, Mick
Sorry no, not at this time. The remap CC mod (and all the mods) contains 6 presets, a design decision made during the development that I sometimes wish had gone differently, as it would be nice to have more slots. It may be possible to address this at a later date, but at the moment that isn't something we are planning to change. It sounds like you'll probably need to consider a different solution in this particular case.

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