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Sync MRCC Clock to Incoming Clock
It would be great if clock from any of the inputs, real or virtual, could be selected as the source for the internal MRCC clock to follow and pass that along to any / all outputs.  Unless I'm mistaken, currently having a single external clock feed to all downstream devices requires it to be routed to each, and that would eat up many of the routings (evidently there is a maximum, which has been mentioned here).

My DAW, as with most, can't follow clock, only generate it, so that would be one source over the virtual USB ports that might be used often, other ones being hardware sequencers and groove boxes, as well as dedicated devices like ERM and Midronome, or even the Kenton Pro CV to MIDI Converter.
I totally agree. I've been asking for that feature since day one. I think you're right, the way this is supposed to be done is if you would like to pass only clock from the DAW you would just route the DAW to those downstream devices and add filters for data you wish to avoid. I still want the clock section to work this way because the routing seems simpler that way and I like the blinking red lights to show when it's active.
One of the things that has caused the most headaches across all manufacturers and all devices is MIDI clocking. Generating it, syncing to it, distributing it.

Just take a look at the history from the Dr. Click to MOTU to Innerclock Systems to ERM and SND.

It's a hard problem and best left to dedicated devices IMHO. It's virtually impossible to add in later and even designing it seamlessly into a device from the beginning isn't easy. Given the limited resources in the MRCC and the limited time of the developers, I'd rather see more bugs fixed and overall stability and usage improvements.

I understand that people that don't create hw or sw for a living might not fully understand how difficult and time consuming of a job it is to do it right so I get the questions and requests, but I would not count on any changes in that front.

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