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Rename Presets
Can we please look at renaming presets? I’m getting confused with all my different configs to the point where I need to make notes to remember

Preset -1 (DAW) > USB ports discretely mapped to synths for Cubase
Preset -2 (NDLR) > NDLR mapped to 4 synths via discrete USB channels 
Preset -3 (Oxi One) > all synths mapped to OXi One via 2 discrete USB channels 
Preset -4 (current ptoject jam config)

Would be great if we could just rename those presets to something that makes sense, using an USB keyboard for input like with the labels is just fine.
I would be ok for now even if I could do this via the sdcard directly? is there some file where we can edit preset location names?
I'll ask Steve about this. Last time it came up he didn't seem interested in the undertaking, but maybe he'll change his mind.

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