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Weird display behaviour
Hello Team,

I recently noticed that the display on my MRCC is very hard to read, I've had it buried in the rack, and did not make any changes for ages, so I'm not sure if this is something new, or was like that for a longer time. Have anyone seen a similar issue?
Pictures, unfortunately, does not represent the issue accurately, it does look worse than on the pics Sad

[Image: L1cWHDI54fgrAn_tedNOziH7HiRiQ9rlIhiN0Ezr...authuser=0]

[Image: L1cWHDI54fgrAn_tedNOziH7HiRiQ9rlIhiN0Ezr...authuser=0]
Hello d3xd3x, the images didn't come through, but if there's a problem you should contact support via the contact page at When you get a reply you can attach the images to an email for support to look at.

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