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Please give an update

since the NDLR is still fun to me and takes a major role in my setup, could you please give an update where the journey goes to with this device.
When I look to the posts in "Feature Requests" there are mostly over two years old.

Just one example:

I know it has hardware limitations but it is sometimes asked to make it open source or split up to a beta testers section for not to ruin the reputation on the market, do you go in that direction one day?

Huh Huh
We're really close to production on a hardware replacement for the NDRL, in fact I have a prototype in front of me now. Only a couple little things to iron out before we get it rolling. In terms of updates, there are a couple of bug fixes that have been taken care of, one that comes to mind is the matrix mappings for CCs will now reload when saved, but there are a couple of others.

In addition there is a newly added mode that users will be able to find under the shift menu for button 3. This mode adds a MIDI controllable interval based sequencing method that is similar to what the Misha does, but which is still music theory aware following chord and scale changes with changes to the NDLR. I have been experimenting with this and as it can be used in conjunction with the other NDLR parts, I have been having the best time with the NDLR that I can remember. I don't know if that will be the only update or not, but I can see Steve putting in more work on other NDLR between now and when we have more hardware available.
sounds most promising, since there are hardware limitations the only logical step is to bring new hardware. I wish you all the best in developement!

Hope to have the new firmware that you´ve spoken off soon.
A new NDLR - a bit of a cliffhanger!

Any news on this? Something Misha-like, perhaps a bit of euclidean functionality sprinkled on top? Maybe a kit so the old one could be updated - eventhough my eyesight (or lack of same) would prefer a bigger screen…

The NDLR has been and still is a way for me to get much more into chords, and play or noodle my way to understanding them much better - much more than any course or textbook has been able to for much longer than I care to remember  Smile
We are currently in production of a newer version of the NDRL, a V2 so to speak, however the firmware and functionality will be almost identical to V1, just with a different paint job and a power switch to set it apart. The differences with this new version are mainly to do with having a processer that we can continue to have access to since the V1 chip dried up in the aftermath of the covid chip shortage is what caused us to stop production.

The "Interval Sequencer" easter egg is going to be available on both devices, and is just about ready to be released. I think Steve has another bug fix he wanted to add before it's put out. I can't provide a date, but it shouldn't be much longer.

As for the screen, there's not much to see there, as the mode just involves being triggered from an external keyboard on (I think) the Transpose Channel. A defined set of keys on the keyboard will add or subtract intervals, (so let's say G goes up 1, A goes up 2, B goes up 3 etc. while F takes it back to the root, and E goes down 1, D goes down 2, and so on. It's great fun with an external sequencer. I'll get to work and write up a little quickstart guide so it's ready when it comes out.

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