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Filtering 15 Midichannels
how can i solve this problem:

On input-port 3 of the MRCC i got a squencer wich sends different sequences on all 16 Midichannels.Although i have a MIDI-Clock Signal on
input-port 1. On output-port 7 i have a drummachine wich receives on all 16 Midichannels. Every drumtrack ist fixed to a Midichannel
and can not be changed.I routed Input-Port 1 and 3 to output-port 7.I only want receive the clock-signal and Midichannel 11 from input-port
3 to the drummachine. The other tracks i want to play with the onboard Sequencer of the drummachine.
Hope you can help me :-).
I don 't have my MRCC in front of me, but I think this is possible. If you're on the newest fw, there is a MOD called CP-1 which listens to incoming MIDI only on the channel of the specified port and only outputs on channel 1. I think we might be able to screw with it by using a CH Map instance before it and after it... This may not work but let's give it a shot.

Route from 1 to 7 as normal,
then rout from 3 to 7 and on this one lets add 3 mods,
1st add a ch map mod and edit one of the 6 instances available to map channel 11 to 7

Oh actually, I think Steve just added a feature so that you can set CH Map channel destinations to none didn't he? We may not even need to go further than this, set CH Map first source to be 11 and target to 7, then for the next 3 it doesn't matter what the source is, set target to none. Then above this set it to exclusive, and it will block all other channels.

If I am wrong about this let me know and I will try to come up with an alternative method once I get in front of my MRCC.
Thank you the CP-1 modifier helps Wink.
Hope Conductivelabs will update the manual Wink.

So here is how it works:

On Routing Page
Modifier use in first slot „C-P1“(only one MIDI-Channel is sent to Port 7)
Modifier use in second „Ch1“(for MIDI Channel change)

1 Ch In:1 Out:11
In this case Input Port 2 with MIDI Channel 7
is routet to Output Port 11.

But i didn’t know how to Change incoming MIDI-Channel 7. I think it is always the Same as the MIDI-Port Out.

For me that will works, but it could be easier.

Maybe someone needed this for new ideas.

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