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MRCC 880 issue with patch data sysex not transmitting from PC to synth DIN input
(11-01-2022, 12:52 PM)oldgearguy Wrote: I have an 880.  I'll try to get some sysex testing in tonight or tomorrow evening.

Just so I can be clear -- what is the official Conductive Labs status for system exclusive transmission on both the 880 and the MRCC?

DIN <--> DIN, (both)
DIN <--> PC port. (both)
USB <--> PC port (MRCC)

Thanks for anything you can reveal. Without having the device in hand, the best we can do is see that it sent correctly by looping back to the computer and comparing output to input. It all looks good to us, we conducted extensive testing with a lot of vendor's SysEx files and control programs. 

Regarding "sysex status". For MRCC XpandR and 880, there are no known limitations. Other than the excellent LUFA library for USB communication, the firmware was developed from scratch and shares no code with MRCC.

As mentioned in my post above, by design, when merging inputs to a common output there is a mechanism for blocking other MIDI data when sending large chunks of SysEx. In practice, we never saw noticeable delays or blockage with larger than 128 byte messages in normal circumstances. But we do things like set the NDLR to 280BPM and send arps with /8 clock div while merging in sysex on another input, just to see what it can handle. And it handles things pretty well, its a solid device, but its new so we're overly concerned with any reports of trouble.

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