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Is FW Support for the NDLR dead?
Just wondering? It's been quiet and we were promised some amazing features.

I love my NDLR but I know it is capable of so much more. And I know you guys must think the same.
Yes I'd also like to know this as someone who has purchased one recently (used).
Thanks for the interest, the NDLR does do some pretty amazing things, that's for sure, but I don't think I quite know what promises you're referring to here Evictor, can you clue me in? The situation with the NDLR is basically this: There is room in the UI for a couple more things, sure, but unfortunately there's no more room in the memory, so we can't add much in the way of new functionality. I did hear that Steve was poking around at something recently though so I'll see how that's going and we may have a little morsel for you at some point soon.
It would be nice to get those Shift-Menu options that say "under construction..." to say something different Wink Just for my OCD's sake.

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