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Torso T1: MIDI Clock sync problem with USB MIDI
Oh Man, my mistake. I read that before I had finished my first cup of coffee. I apologize for the confusion.

I like Tom's idea, but I don't think the issue will be addressed with the update, since it doesn't seem to be an issue with enumeration at powerup, but some other thing (since notes trigger). I would still try the update, but it's kind of a long shot. I don't have a torso T1 here to test with but I could try and see if I can send my Digitakt MIDI out over USB, as well as out the DIN port and see if there is any difference, but I would have to go get it back from my friends place, so it may be next week before I get a chance.

My personal philosophy with debugging any MIDI related issues of my own gear is to debug only until I find a way that it works, because it's possible to waste way too much time trying to get things set up perfectly, when getting it working can often happen much faster. In this case if it works one way (DIN to DIN) I'd just go with it that wa, you'll find something that works perfectly with the USB down the road.

The offer still stands to set up a zoom call if you want to show me the issue, maybe seeing what's happening might give me some ideas, or even if you just sent me a video of the wild sync situation I could show the team. Steve might have a better idea than me.


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