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Torso T1: MIDI Clock sync problem with USB MIDI
I have an Elektron Syntakt connected via 5-pin MIDI to MRCC and a Torso T1 connected via USB MIDI. I want to use Syntakt as tempo leader and the T1 as follower. 

When I send the Syntakt MIDI Clock/Transport via MRCC to the T1 (USB) MIDI In, the T1 starts to play when I start the Syntakt, but the T1 Play and Step LEDs are flickering and tempo is way off. Looks like the T1 is being started and stopped at a high frequency.

When I send the MIDI Clock from the Syntakt to the TRS MIDI In of the T1, sync works perfectly. Also T1 users report that they are using tempo following via MIDI USB in other configurations without any issues.

That means that MRCC's USB MIDI implementation causes this problem with the T1.
Any ideas? I filtered all data types apart from Clock and Start/Stop in MRCC but that didn't help.

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Torso T1: MIDI Clock sync problem with USB MIDI - by starfish - 05-14-2022, 04:36 PM

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