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Ndlr & Digitone
Happy NDlr owner here, please someone help me with some settings in order to play the digitone with the Ndlr. 
My problem is that I cannot control all parameters of Motif-2 for Digitone. I tried to have the Digitone for all 4 parts and all of them are working, except Motif-2. 

The Ndlr receives midi from the Digitone, but the only things I can control are the Tempo, Key & Mode. Ndlr is playing a sequence on Motif-2 from Digitone, that I don't know where it comes from. All my other 2 synths ( Tetra, As-1) are working accordingly.

I checked the midi settings on both and they look all matched up...I am not sure where to look for other settings to make the Digitone respond to Motif-2 parameters ( like position, lenght,direction and so on...)

Thank you
Nevermind! Smile I totally missed The toggle button for the Motifs. All good!
Glad you got it figured out. Did you see that video by SynthDad showing how to sequence the NDLR chords with Digitone?
Its here:
Yes, I did. Good tutorial! I kinda like to sequence synths with the Ndlr. I own the iconnectivity Mio10 and it's a joy to route eveything i want. Plus, I own The Missing Link from Circuit Happy and I use it with the Ndlr ( through usb ) and it's working absolutely great. They just updated the system firmware and now The missing Link offers Midi clock to all the units in the same usb host. I literally can clock everything that goes inside The Ndlr and Mio10. Love the Ndlr. It's endless sonic escapades.

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