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NDLR and Elektron Digitone
The Elektron Digitone is a wicked synth, and I love the sounds I can get form it with just a few random tweaks. What better candidate for a NDLR jam?

In this video the Digitone MIDI sequencer is controlling the chord changes on the NDLR using Notes on trigs. By looping between patterns I basically build up the song. The LFO on MIDI tracks 1 and 2 are moving the pad position up and down the range, and also expanding and contracting the range of the motif 1 pattern. This creates a lot of dynamic movement., especially when combined with the arpeggiator on the Digitone.

Once I figured out the MIDI mapping for the NDLR it became a much more versatile instrument for me. Next is to learn the mod matrix options on it.

nice combo indeed !!
Happy NDlr owner here, please someone help me with some settings in order to play the digitone with the Ndlr.
My problem is that I cannot control all parameters of Motifs for Digitone. The Ndlr receives midi from the Digitone, but the only things I can control are the Tempo, Key & Mode. Ndlr is playing a sequence from Digitone, that I don't know where it comes from. This happens on midi channel 2 . All my other 2 synths ( Tetra, As-1) are working accordingly.

I checked the midi settings on both and they look all matched up...I am not sure where to look for other settings to make the Digitone respond to Motifs parameters ( like position, lenght,direction and so on...)

Thank you
Super dope

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