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How to split a CC's on channel 1
I am wondering how to solve this challenge:
I have a Roland FC300 midi foot controller connected to Port 1, on Midi channel 1. The board should be able to steer several synths and midi-gear, connected to Out Ports 1,2,3 and 4.
Also, I need to transform Control Changes (CC's) to other CC's that the FC300 is not able to generate.
The Roland FC300 is not able to change the midi channel it is sending the CC's on. 

Specific Control Changes should be routed to ports 1, 2, 3 and 4 based on their CC-number, so for example:

  1. Port 1, Midi Channel 1, CC-number 85 should be transformed to CC-number 110 and sent to Out Port 1 (Midi Channel 1)
  2. Port 1, Midi Channel 1, CC-number 7, should be sent only to Out Port 3 (Midi Channel 3)
  3. Port 1, Midi Channel 1, CC-number 3, should be sent only to Out Port 4 (Midi Channel 4)

As for 1, the solution is obviously one of the 6 Modifiers, in combination with the C-P1 function on Routing 1->1
I have multiple of these routings necessary, so now the count is already on 6, and I have run out of options.

For the examples 2 and 3 there seems to be no solution on the MRCC to split the CC's to Out Ports, based on their number, instead of on their midi channel.
Do any of you have a bright idea how to solve this?

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