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Prophet 10 rev4 USB MIDI not working
Hi forum,

I'm new here, received my MRCC yesterday and so far I'm very happy with the build quality and the user interface.

MIDI routing and PC connection work flawlessly. I have some problems with USB MIDI though:

– My Prophet 10 rev4 does not work at all via USB MIDI although in the list of compatible MRCC devices it's listed as "working". The green LED is lit, so it SHOULD work, but it does not receive nor transmit any MIDI data via USB MIDI (MIDI 5 pin routing works flawlessly).

– A Keystep 37 connected via USB is working, but only on USB MIDI virtual port input 1. As soon as I select port 2, 3 or 4 and connect a destination, it does not work.

I assume the latter is a user error (?), but the Prophet not working via USB while being listed as "compatible" is weird. Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot?

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