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Merging priority
When the MRCC merges two or more ports, is the data looked at for prioritization decisions?
Is it based on port number?
Type of MIDI message?
Type of port?

Just curious since the MRCC (currently) does not sync to incoming MIDI clock, one option is to have a dedicated clock box generate MIDI clock and then use the MRCC to merge the clock with other 'normal' MIDI messages to various destinations.

Most of the time there won't be merging, but for some cases (like the NDLR), there could be times when non-clock data is also present.
The ports are evaluated sequentially from left to right, so a lower port number would have precidence over a higher port, however the frequency the ports are evaluated is on a muuuuuch faster time scale than MIDI, happening 100s of times between clock pulses, so there is not likely to be many situations where this would present a problem.


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