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Sequencing multiple HW synths on 1 MIDI channel in Ableton

I'm wondering if there's any way to sequence multiple hardware synths from Ableton via MRCC on one MIDI channel. I have the PC port routed towards the synths, and in Ableton all the MIDI tracks are routed to MRCC. Can i get away with sequencing multiple synths with separate MIDI information without going into MIDI channel configuration? I cannot say I fully comprehend the virtual ports and if they can be utilised for this in any way.

If I understand your request correctly, yes, you can do that.  The virtual ports are just a way of consolidating multiple connections into one, so it is as if there were 12 cables from your PC to the MRCC, each independent from the others. so they can carry any channel(s) without concern over what the other connections are doing on those channels, except there's only one real cable passing all 12 virtual ones, just like a multi-line phone might use one cord to have several calls at once.

In the DAW (I don't use Ableton, but I'd imagine it's the same concept in all of them) you would just assign each hardware instrument to one of the 12 MRCC ports, and then that's the one you would select on the actual MRCC to route to that particular synth.  The MRCC just passes whatever MIDI channels are coming through, so if you want to use channel 1 for all, that should be no problem.
Just realized I haven't replied here. Thanks Dark Waves for activating my brain waves in this case. I simply wasn't utilising the virtual ports. Now I have a mapping of 1 virtual port - 1 HW synth and it works great.
Cool, glad it's working out.

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