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Midi clock from daw to analog clock out
Hi guys, 

New to the MRCC (had it for a while, but busy with life a bit). I am using several synths, computer, DAW, modular etc. 
What I am trying to achieve is to set the clock from Logic Pro X. Then have that clock sent to all midi channels and the analog clock.

I am connecting the Mac to the PC usb port, the mac recognizes the MRCC as midi device and Logic sees it as well. My modular is connected from the analog clock out into the clock in for the Pamela's new workout.

1. When I connect my DAW to the MRCC and sent clock sync out to all midi destinations, the clock on the MRCC does not change.
2. When I connect the analog clock out to the clock in of the Pamelas new workout module in my modular, it gets the clock from the MRCC settings (but only in 2 bpm intervals?). Partial win
3. When I connect my Squarp pyramid to the midi out (5 din out on the mrcc), it does not receive any clock (not from the settings, not from the DAW). Using USB into the mac it does, if I connect the squarp with USB to the USB port on the MRCC it doesnt change either.

PAMS only works with the 24 ppq out (which is the spec as well), but whichever setting I use it doesnt affect the clock on the squarp pyramid (it is set to receive clock.

Seems I cant get clock to work on MIDI, I cant set the internal clock from my DAW, and internal clock is not distributed to the midi outputs (either 5 din midi or USB), but is to the analog clock out.

Now, Im sure I am doing something wrong, but even with the manual, I can not find out what is going wrong.
I believe that as of the current (035) firmware, the MRCC *does not* sync to an external clock. So it either has to be the master or it just passes any incoming clocks through to various destinations.

I also believe that this is being revisited for a future firmware release that *will* support external sync.
Yes Tom is correct, currently the only way to send clock from Logic to other ports is to create a routing for each port from the PC port connected to Logic. If you only want to send clock you'll then need to add filters for CCs, Notes, etc. for each routing.

To send clock via the MRCC as master you need to go to the clock page and select all ports to send to (press port buttons and they will light red). You then need to enable the clock and select whether to send clock tics while it's stopped or not (clock tick on stop?), and lastly (and this one is always confusing to me so bare with me) the last option is whether or not to send Start Stop Continue messages when you press those transport buttons on the MRCC screen, to ports which have filters blocking those messages. I always get the wording backwards when I look at it so I believe a no here means "Yes send the messages anyway" and a yes means "yes, respect the rule already in place and block the messages. I will take a closer look at the manual and edit this post if that is backwards, it's just been a while since I looked at it.

Now if all that is set up you should be able to select "Start" at the top of the menu and start the internal clock, and if you update to the newest FW, it will automatically send the cursor over to select stop and toggle those back and forth so you dont need to monkey with the selection screen to move back and forth between those to do those actions. (ie: if you highlight start and press the enter button, the next time you press enter will stop the clock.)

The only way to send clock to the analog clock out currently is via the internal MRCC clock.

Hi Tom and Jesse,

Thanks for the response! Good to know I wasn’t going insane. So I guess I should add this to the feature request list (if it’s not already there Wink).

Having a midi/analog clock that can be synced and then distribute would be awesome!

Loving the kit, cheers!
It's already added to the requests list! I want that too!
I also would like this feature added to a future update.  I was trying to do the exact same thing as OP and was led to this very thread.  Having the MRCC system clock sync to an incoming source clock and having that time then be sent out over the analog clock would be a great feature.
Does anyone know if this was ever updated? Also looking to somehow get clock/rest from Logic to a modular rig.
I've recently gotten into modular and am quite keen on this as well. Would love to be able to send my clock from my DAW into MRCC and then out to my Pamela's Pro Workout.
No update on the request, as of now, but Pamela's has a MIDI expander that would allow this already.

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