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Patterns are being edited by note messages
I use my sequencer to automate chord changes. Everything is fine, except when I display the pattern page while the sequencer is running, the patterns steps are being edited by the received notes. I would like this not to happen, i.e. make changes to the pattern manually, with the NDLR knobs, while the chord sequence unfolds.

Question 1: what is the purpose of this behavior?

Question 2: can I disable this?
Hi Eamox, this functionality was added as a way to easily edit your pattern values without having to rely on the "etch a sketch" knob entry method. Unfortunately it does seem to cause the occasional problem when something like this comes up, and at this point there is not a setting to turn that behavior off. I have a feature request in the log on the subject and if it is something we add, it will likely be implemented as a global setting in the boot menu.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Jesse Johannesen
Hi Jesse, thanks for the information. The behavior makes sense. Indeed a way to switch it off would be very nice.
Hi, just ran into this issue too, has this been implemented in a recent firmware update?
No this has been implemented for quite some time. If you would like to avoid the issue it is also possible to sequence chord changes via CC message, rather than Control Channel, and Steve just made that process a lot better timing wise, so it may be worth a try.
(11-25-2021, 08:36 AM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: No this has been implemented for quite some time. If you would like to avoid the issue it is also possible to sequence chord changes via CC message

Oh great. Can you please explain where I find the switch?

It's nice that we can control chord changes by CC, but we have tracks with programmed chord changes controlled by note messages that would need complete reprogramming to CC messages. If we can avoid the trouble it would be very nice.
Oh sorry for the confusion, there isn't a switch to turn it off, the NDRL just listens to Note info on the Control channel as well as the CC channel so you can use either one to sequence changes. The thing that recently did get updated though is that the CC channel used to be a little bit jittery, and recently Steve was able to get it dialed in to be much smoother transitions.

You would definitely need to transcribe the MIDI notes to CC values but you might be able to do them in the DAW where you could have the channel piano roll visible and edit the relevant CC Lanes so the right values could be entered based on the note shown above, since they correspond. For instance a "C" corresponds to "Chord Degree I" which corresponds also to "CC value 0" (it may be 1 actually, I don't have the manual in front of me but they're all listed under MIDI implementation), so if you have a pattern that goes C, F, G, C, G, A you would put a 0 in the CC lane under the C, a 3 under the F, a 4 under the G etc. The same would then need to be done for the black keys (chord types) which are controlled on a different but adjacent CC number.
Thanks Jesse for the explanation, that's just me getting confused on reading of your previous post. Using the CCs does the trick pretty well.

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