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Some hardware only works on USB A
While playing with my routing, I noticed a curious thing: it seems that some USB MIDI hardware (in this case, Morningstar MC8) only seems to work on USB port A, but not on USB port C. I verified other hardware (Keystep) works just fine on all ports. I also noticed USB keyboards only seem to be supported on USB port A. Is this by design (not mentioned in the manual I think) or a bug?
This for sure isn't by design, it could be bug or more likely is some small incompatibility. There are definitely USB devices that have compatibility issues, and it may be that that device may end up on that list. (Darryl posted the Compatibility Tracker around here somewhere, but I keep forgetting where, time to add it to my bookmarks). Can you send me a list of devices that you are seeing with this behavior. If it's anything we can get our hands on, I can test it on my end. Go ahead and send it to me via email to
I have had similar issues with a wide range of USB devices (Hydrasynth, Digitone) and sometimes cycling power helps. But USB A is the only USB input I am able to consistently use.
Yep A definitely seems to work differently to the rest. A is the only one that supports keyboards (tested with a wired Apple keyboard) and the only one which works with Morningstar MC8. Faderfox EC4 and Keystep seem to work with all ports.
weird because I've been using all 4 USB ports on both my MRCCs for in and out just fine.  As a sanity check, just plugged an Keytronics ASCII keyboard into port D and edited a label with no issues.

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