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Polychaining in Cubase
Hi everyone,

I had a bit of trouble in getting the Polychaining function to work in Cubase. Since it isn't super straightforward, I will write below how to set it up correctly.

To tell Cubase what Midi Channel to listen to you need to filter out all other Midi Channels.
- This is done via the Input Transformer (on the far right at the top of the instrument Inspector see picture)
- Select Local
- Here you can either choose a "Channel Filtering" preset or create a new "Filter" (see picture)
- This has to be done with all the tracks you want to use the polychaining with.
- for the NDLR midi settings it's good to have the Pad on Channel 4, outputting Ch 4-5-6-7
- In Cubase you can leave "All MIDI Inputs" or choose the NDLR midi port. It doesn't matter unless you have other devices sending on channels 4-5-6-7.

It is a bit cumbersome but it's the only way I found to make it work.
I created track archives of certain instruments that I use the Polychaining function with. In this way when I load them in the project they are already set up correctly and it saves me some time.

I hope this helps Smile

Thank you so much for posting this, I know there are going to be some other users who benefit from your research.

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