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Novation Circuit clock drift when using just TRS output from MRCC
I was having sort of random clock drifting / de-syncing of my Novation Circuit when trying to feed it straight TRS 3.5mm from the MRCC (output 12 B). The Circuit clock would start falling behind at seemingly random times. Restarting the master clock fixes the problem temporarily. Reverting to DIN into Novation adapter eliminated the problem altogether. Jammed for 3 hours last night with no drift. The TRS cable I was using is a 1010 Music patch cable which I assumed should be just fine. Not sure what the problem really is but is this something that happens with inferior cables or is it possibly something else directly related to the Circuit specifically?
It's really hard to say what exactly is going on for sure with situations like this. I've not seen any clock drift on my end, but I've not used it that way extensively. It's probably worth it for me to do some further testing, but what I can say for sure is that if you found a way that works perfectly for hours without issue, then that is the way I would continue to use it going forward. There's not much more frustrating than troubleshooting connection issues, so anything that bypasses them painlessly is a win in my book.

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