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Tip: sending 4 USB channels to one synth multiplies clock rate

I was testing my NDLR with the Elektron Digitone, and initially set each part to play on a separate USB MIDI channel corresponding to each of the 4 tracks on the Digitone (e.g. Pad = MIDI Ch 1 USB1, Drone = MIDI Ch2, USB2). While this worked for sequencing from the NDLR every time I added a channel the clock on the Digitone was multiplied - each USB channel was sending a clock and all the clock pulses got added together on the Digitone. I ended up with a beat of 360bpm on the Digitone which!

This was easily fixed by setting each part to the same USB port, but on different MIDI channels so only one clock pulse was sent to the Digitone. Just a tip if anyone else sees this happen...

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