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Heads-up: CLK OUT and Akai Rhythm Wolf
Given that the Rhythm Wolf is generally hated, this info might end up only being relevant to me, but I thought I'd share just in case.

For the RW to be synced with CLK OUT, the patch cable absolutely has to be mono - there are plenty of scenarios where you can get away with using a stereo "aux" cable (idea being that the ring connection gets grounded by default) but this isn't one of them. I'm guessing it's because the NDLR is using the ring for the "jack detect" mentioned in the manual, and the RW is doing similar - end result is the Wolf thinks there's no clock and refuses to play patterns. For comparison, CLK OUT via an aux cable into the trigger inputs for LFO or S&H on a Behringer Neutron works fine.

Now I can continue being the only person who likes the Rhythm Wolf.  Big Grin
I have the wolf and enjoy it. Haven't used the clock input as yet, so thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for sharing that. Indeed, The NDLR needs a mono plug on one end or the other for the jack detect to enable clock out.

If a synth doesn't sound great, just add some reverb and delay and it will be wonderful  Big Grin

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