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Pattern/rythm editor: issue with external controller

I have had the NDLR for a few months now, and I'm loving it.

However, I have been having an issue with the pattern and rythm editors. In my setup, the NDLR is controlled by a MIDI track on my Digitone, which sends chord changes. If I open the pattern editor while the Digitone is sending MIDI to the NDLR control channel, the NDLR will cycle through the steps of the pattern and change their value randomly (which is not what I want). The same occurs with the rythm editor. The only workaround I have found is to mute the MIDI track controlling the NDLR while editing the pattern (or rythm), but this is limiting because I would like to edit the pattern (or rythm) in the context of the chord progression I'm playing. Please note I had the same issue in a different setup with a Beatstep Pro controlling the NDLR.

I would be grateful for any help you may be able to provide.

Many thanks,

That is the expected behavior for those pages. Those pages are set up that way so that you can easily enter note date into patterns. I'm sorry if that's getting in the way of what you are wanting to accomplish, but it's great that you have managed to find a workaround.
Another way to do real time editing is you can use the Librarian program to edit and then send the changes to the NDLR's User Pattern or Rhythm's buffer.
The NDLR's buffers can be changed in real time (which is what you are doing with the NDLR's encoders) and the NDLR will just continue on with whatever is now in the buffer.
This also means that the NDLR won't play the edited Pattern or Rhythm till you send it.
(Although there are some things like Random that generates a complete Pattern or Rhythm and are sent straight away.)

At the moment there is an issue with the NDLR resetting the rhythm length back to 8 when the Rhythm buffer is filled by the library.
I believe this is to be fixed when Steve gets some time after the insanity of the MRCC development and production.

To get around this you could try adding a button on a Midi controller to send 'CC40 length' to reset the Rhythm length or just have the NDLR's Encoder 7 in the 'Rhy-Len' position and give it a twist.


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