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Feature Request - chord splitter for monosynths

I was reviewing the draft manual and think this may be covered under 'Channel Layers(Splits and Layers) Sub-Page', but I'm not 100% on that.  If it's not covered yet, would there be a possibility to split out chord data from an input keyboard and route the individual notes to individual outputs connected to monosynths?  MIDIpal from Mutable instruments had a pretty slick way of doing this and it helped keep my extensive collection of monosynths busy.  My MIDIpal died and I haven't replaced it yet with the MIDIgal or other spin-offs; but before I do that, I figured I'd check in here.  

For example, here is a snippet:

Dispatching method:
  • cyclic ([b]cyc[/b]). Each new note is cyclically played on the next channel.

  • polyphonic ([b]pol[/b]). The mapping of notes to channel uses a true voice stealing algorithm. The MIDIpal tries to reuse the same channel for occurrences of the same note ; or the least recently used channel.

  • random ([b]rnd[/b]). Each new note is routed to a random channel.

  • stacking ([b]stk[/b]). Each note is sent to all channels at the same time. Perfect for thickening a lead by sending it to several synths, or to several parts of the same multitimbral device.

  • velocity ([b]vel[/b]). The louder (higher velocity) the note, the higher the MIDI channel it is sent to.

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