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iNDLR - iPad version?
Just dreaming, but a fully digital, iPad-only version of the NDLR would be super awesome. It's easy to get midi out of iPads, and with a touch screen, you could overcome some of the limitations of hardware, like exposing all 4 lanes of controls at the same time, dead-simple rhythm editing, more memory, and the like.

Love the NDLR, and am just imagining about how to extend its NDLy appendages.... Heart
I would love to have this as well, however I think that Apple (and in different ways Android) as a platform leave a lot to be desired. If you release something, it is pretty much guaranteed that you need to constantly work to maintain it through their constant app breaking updates. For example, I have apps that I love on my Ipad and now if I accidentally update, I will never be able to use again.
With android there are so many different OS builds and devices that it is nearly impossible to ensure an app will work across the whole platform. The other problem with android is that audio isn't handled well and any sound generating apps will have inherent latency baked in (not that the app in question would make noise, just getting riled up).

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