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Tabletop synth/sequencer stand
Just a line or so to tell you about the perfect tabletop stand for most any tabletop synth. Or, in this case, my favorite sequencer. It's cheap, sturdy, adjustable and nice looking. I don't benefit in any way from this. I just found something that works, and I want to share it.

I made a 90 second video if you care to watch.

Or, here's a link to the item on Amazon.

If you look around Amazon you can find smaller sizes. Or, pair up your NDLR with your Typhon or nts-1 or what have you on one large stand.

You really should watch my little video! ?
I've been struggling with this same issue with my modular synth case and finally found a stand that works pretty well for me, however it did require a little alteration with a bit of the old hacksaw to keep it from interfering with my cables. It provides enough support for a heavy Mono Rocket style case and enough angle to be ergonomic while keeping it high enough that setting it on my coffee table doesn't wreck my back. Here is a link if anyone else is on the hunt:
Thanks, Dark. Great idea. I went to the ‘zon and got one for my new NDLR. Fits well on my desk by my computer and the NDLR is held solidly by the book clips.

i will 3d print somethin...

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