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Clock out stuck at 30 or 300 BMP

Just got my NDLR and started playing around with it, so far so great when triggering my different synths.
However, when i try to get clock out to my drum machines, the clock they receive is either stuck at 300 BMP (if i use USB) or 30 BMP (if using DIN5 midi).

My setup is as follows:

NDLR -> RK006 -> Analog4, MachineDrum, Xbase09, Tanzmaus etc.

Is there a clock multiplier or divider for the clock being sent out that i've missed in the settings?
Just realized i had my Reface CS connected to the RK006 via USB to receive the PAD data from NDLR. Without it it works fine.
Does that solve this mystery or do we still need to take a look at this further?
This can be closed, thanks!

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