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USB Hub ==> attached to MRCC
Hi, is it possible to connect a USB Hub to one or all of the USB ports on the MRCC?

I have an Elektron Overhub (Voltage: 5 Volts DC, Maximum Amperage: 4 Amps) - do I need to power the hub or will the MRCC power it? 

I don't think it is possible to use a USB hub, it looks for MIDI devices that use USB, but it isn't a computer in the sense that it uses other USB peripherals (well besides a Keyboard). I will double check.
Thanks Jesse
We might add USB hub support later. We just didn't want to complicate things before launch, but we have baked in some hub support to complete in the future.
Thanks Darryl, that would really be fantastic. I know it’s not set in stone, but thanks for having thought about supporting this by already baking in some functionality.
Still plans to support a hub? would be really nice to hook up additional USB devices/synths (and cable manage a bit) :-)

I have a hub connected to a iconnectivity midi4+ and it just gives each device a "port" which can be named, would be nice to just be able to move this over to the mrcc :]
I tried with my usb hub and it works a bit random, probably handshake issues :| - some times its able to send to 2-3 units, sometimes the MRCC just freezes.

Would be cool to have a few extra usb units hooked up for nice two way dialogue Smile
will experiment a bit more, trying to get midi to/from my hydrasynth, dm12, pro 3 and sub 7 <-> computer and squarp pyramid
+ a few more modules where i dont really need "midi input" from..

Time to reorganize the cables :]
If you could use the USB ports as a USB hub you could run audio over USB from hardware with that functionality.
USB hub support could be great! I have some synths which are connected by MIDI but in fact i prefer to use smaller USB cable. But 4 ports not allow me to do that (I hope yet Smile

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