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Meta Sequencing
Hi all.

I don't actually have my NDLR yet but getting a jump on things.

If would like to 'chain' my Keystep Pro and the NDLR together.

I like the Keystep Pro functionality and connection options and would like to sequence there.
HOWEVER I would like the NDLR to be able to transpose the sequences running on midi and CV.

Is this possible and how?

I thought a Midi merger into a midi thru?

Many thanks.
Hope you get your NDLR soon, it's a lot of fun. The NDLR can transpose one channel per MIDI connection to the key and mode you've selected your NDLR to operate at. Other channels pass thru unaltered. See page 24 of the manual. No need for mergers and thrus.

Alas, it cannot transpose any CV outputs from your Keystep Pro.

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