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My first NDLR dance music
I got a lot of headache with configuration and had to overcome various limits of NDLR with three Ableton Max4Live devices plus StepPolyArp midi processing plugin running on iOS over standard USB Midi cable.

For vocal samples, I used a sample browser with AI (machine learning) for recommendation of the best bits of my samples folder on HDD. It seems quite a nice fit.

But overall it helped me to create more interesting melodic dance music than classic repetitive stuff:


[Image: avatars-zhD5zpNoSgmyy4sn-2hnynQ-t500x500.jpg]
That's a great track! I don't know how you got The NDLR, which is essentially a fancy arpeggiator to act like a sequencer. Quite an achievement.
Great track, you did it! Thanks for sharing it.

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