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Pocket Operator sync. How?
Hello there,

I posted this in general, but I'm thinking this may be a better place for it. 

I'm trying to sync my Pocket Operators from the clock out on the NDLR. I read tangentially on another thread a comment from Jesse that he tried to sync with PO and it worked fine. I, however, must be doing something wrong. 

I have the PPQ set to 4 (as Jesse he said the PO wants) and the PO set to SY2 (as illlustrated in the PO manual), but nothing happens. It just freezes on a step and won't progress any further. 

I've tried various clock out divisions but that doesn't seem to alter the situation. The NDLR is playing, and the PO is obviously receiving something, but it is stalled. I'll go through the sync options (1-5) and it'll play on Sy1, then stop on whatever step its on when I go to sy2. 

The NDLR is playing when I'm doing this. Am I missing another step on the NDLR? Or the PO?

you want the PO on 4 unless you are syncing again after it in the chain
and its 2ppqn you want same as korg standard
I don't think there are any other steps on the NDLR than to set the clock div to 1:1 and set 2ppqn. I've mentioned before that the jacks on the Pocket operators are stereo, I honestly don't know for sure whether or not the jack on the NDLR is or not. I'll ask, but I know I've gotten them to work in the past so it's not impossible. I went off on a hunt for my pocket operators while writing this, and came up emptyhanded, otherwise I would try to get it going on my end. If they turn up I'll try to figure it out for you.

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