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Max for Live NDLR CC Control - device development
Thanks!! this is wonderful m4l!!! but... I can't get work properly, sometimes connect, sometimes no connect. I think the problem is that I have the new firmware and this is done for an older firmware...
Are there any updates?

Thank you for your effort!
It shouldn't matter which fw it's running if it's just sending MIDI CC messages. As long as you're sending it out to the correct port and channel (NDLR CTRL channel in the Menu) it should be listening for those CCs. I haven't tried this tool yet, but I imagine you'll be successful if you check these parameters in your configuration on both devices.
I checked all configurations possible, (to get communication between NDLR and Ableton just have two knobs in M4L, the rest of the knobs works once receive communication). It hasn't a behavior stable, even just changing the project in Ableton leave to work... Just try it! I think this is the perfect device for NDLR, but need to be improved.

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