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The NDLR + iPAD (p3): Apps
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using The NDLR with an iPad.  Ever since we got MIDI over USB working I have been using an iPad for testing and several different configurations. Here’s what I’ve learned... 

Part 3 - Apps...

I’ve use iPad synths such as: Moog Model D, Sunrizer, Syndt, LayR, and Synth One, to name a few. 

Unlike MIDI 5-Pin cables, the USB cable is bi-directional. Which means iPad “controller”apps can send MIDI messages from the iPad to The NDLR.  Using an iPad “controller”app is similar to plugging a MIDI keyboard controller like the Keystep or a MIDI pad controller like the Beatstep Pro (both by Arturia) into The NDLR.

One of my favorite apps to use is called Patterning, which is a very cool drum machine app.  Patterning can be used as a clock source too. This is an easy way to experiment using an external clock source. If you do this make sure to set the clock source on The NDLR in the System 3 menu to external, on the right MIDI port and channel. 

You can also use Patterning as a MIDI CC sequencer.  Any of The NDLR CC controllable parameters are fair game. In particular the “cord degree” is fun CC to target to make chord progressions via the sequencer.  

midiSTEPs and midiLFOs are two more controller apps I really like, both from the same vendor. I used the midiLFOs app in one of my videos to demonstrate how to use external MIDI CCs to modulate The NDLR  parameters. 

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