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Couple of timing issues
I must confess that for a device I paid half a MC707, I don’t have half a MC707 in features.
It is wrong to say that the ndlr is even close to a groovebox. I concede that it has something special but I don’t find it convenient for real time music for all the reasons you mentioned.
I don’t think the chord sequencer is a good thing, many devices are much better for sequencing and I would have liked to see more effort put on improving existing features.
To be fair the ndlr is a UMO (unidentified musical object) that may struggle to find its public due to a lack of quality and really practical use.

The problem is that when you pay a Teensy 4 $500 you understand that the value is in the IP which means there are very little chances to see the firmware on Github anytime while I wonder if it wouldn’t be the only way to give the ndlr a future.

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