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Usb recognized but no midi output over usb
Hi there,

I just got my NDLR today. So far I have tried it with cubase and maschine but with no luck. I can see the 4 midi devices in both DAWs and have set, on settings-1 menu, the options to.


I have also tried the USB 1 2 3 4 options etc but nothing I try will send a midi output. I have set the clock to internal etc. When I send over Midi A into the maschine midi input then it works but over USB it won't work for me. I'm on firmware 60, I'll try updating tomorrow if that is the issue. 

I can't see what is going wrong. It's not any settings on my PC as I'm not getting a midi signal full stop (cubase has a little midi meter to show any incoming midi signal).

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Updating the firmware fixed it!

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