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2:30 AM Industrial Sludge (video/Audio)
This is a very minimal run through (for my rig) but it's only my third session with the NDLR, and I'm still figuring out the best workflow.

All the music, is being controlled by the NDLR, which is being controlled by Ableton.
Ableton is randomly selecting chord progress using follow actions.
The guitars are two different Ujam instruments
Hardware: Virus 1, Darkstar, Mopho, Ipad running Synthscraper
Industrial noise drum loops built by myself selected randomly by Ableton.
One low and one high drone by Serum
The Arp bass is also serum.

The bass, and guitars are triggered by the drone out from the NDLR.
Since it's just a power chord it's perfect for that.

I'm controlling Ableton with a custom lemur environment which is a fancy way of saying a bunch of digital faders on a ipad 1.

Everything runs through various sub mixers, and eventually ends up at a Roland MX1 performance mixer.
There's a bunch of other effects and kaoss pads in the mix also.

Next run through I will bring more of the ipads into it, as well as more of the hardware synths.

This was specifically built to make sure I could get the guitars to do what I wanted them to do.

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