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my 1st NDLR Track - "Life is a Wave"
Only a few days ago a longtime mentor and true friend of mine passed away. 
So I decided to put my feelings into music and started to play. This is what came out:

Once again a hardware synth live jam. No computer or overdubbing involved, just a
one take recording.

Having received my NDLR just 2 days before, I didn't had the time to check out the vast
possibilities of this great gear. However, I wanted to start using it in this track and it 
turned out to be easy to use.

My WALDORF BLOFELD, generating a juicy 4 part basement for this track, was controlled
by the NDLR. As I was playing the lead parts live, I found it very comfortable to change
the Blofeld chords on the NDLR without caring for the notes. It was fun to combine pad, drone
and the 2 motifs on the NDLR.

In order to add some live parts I used some other synths to help me express my feelings. The lead part 
was played mostly on Yamaha MODX7, Reface DX and Korg MinilogueXD.
The DSI Pro2 and Waldorf Streichfett provided some coherent shades.

I'm looking forward to dive into all the wonders that are inside the NDLR.
Thanks to Conductive Labs for giving us such a powerful new tool.

Mike Hans STEFFL, Munich, Germany
Danke fürs zeigen! Und schöne Grüße aus der Nähe von Ingolstadt Smile

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