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Stuck Notes (Linnstrument > NDLR > Deluge)
Is this just a shortcoming of the Deluge midi implementation?

I can control 4 Deluge synth tracks with the NDLR with no issue, but I'm trying to run a Linnstrument through the NDLR to play a 5th synth track and every single note gets stuck. I thought I was running the Deluge a bit ragged, so I tried a blank song on the Deluge and just running a single synth track (no NDLR parts, just playing keys on the Linnstrument through the NDLR) and still every note gets stuck.

I have the 4 NDLR parts on channels 1-4 and the NDLR control and Linnstrument set to Ch 15.

Hoping to get this working a bit better as this seems like the ultimate portable jam rig to me.


I'm on firmware 1.1.020. Maybe that's the issue? I'll update firmware tomorrow and test again.

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Stuck Notes (Linnstrument > NDLR > Deluge) - by vanklomk - 05-14-2019, 06:36 PM

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