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Bugs and UX frustrations
I have been trying to use the ndlr with my setup for the past 6 months or so but it just is extremely disappointing and frustrating experience to the point I do not want to use it.

I haven't even learned most of the functionality because these issues are making the device pretty much useless. Most of them have been reported here on the forums but no fixes / improvements have been implemented.


- MAJOR BUG: When NDLR is configured to receive clock from USB 1 it will send out clock signal causing tempo to double on all other devices !
- BUG: All notes play incredibly low, changing position has no effect. Everything returns to normal when pressing any of the Chords (I - VII).
- BUG: Notes keep playing (stuck) if stopping at the right time. And with ARPs it's very often that time.
- BUG/UX: Disarming all Parts does not work logically. If I explicitly disable them when (ext) clock is not running and then start external sequencer which starts sending clock and play message they are enabled again. Why can I even toggle these (stopped) if it has no effect? If I turn them of I want them to be off.
- BUG/UX: Using external sequencer to trigger Chord changes is nice, but it is guaranteed to mess your patterns once you go into edit screen.
- UX: Dark blue text on black background. Really hard to read. Please use light blue.
- UX: Pots and buttons miss clicks often. Yes I've read about the detentless encoders in early versions. Not an acceptable excuse.
- UX: Setting Tie / Rest in Rhythm editor is definition of pain. Scrolling 129 values with the two Tie / Rest mixed in with encoders which miss clicks often. This could be easily remedied if shift + left rotation would go directly to Rest and shift + right rotation to Tie (or other way around). That way nobody has to hunt those. Easy and quick.
- UX: Going into pattern editor, mod matrix etc is behind seemingly unnecessary complicated key combination. Shift + menu and then clicking encoder. Why not just shift + encoder? That would be available unless I'm missing something.

I really like the idea, but it's very hard to like the execution here. Apologies for being quite negative here. Any help on any of the issues is greatly appreciated.

Have you considered open sourcing the firmware if you are no longer actively developing it?

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