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MRCC Crashes trying to route Deluge to Behringer 2600 USB
It sounds like one of those devices isn't playing well with the USB port. I'm not sure if we've heard from any users who're using those particular pieces of gear with the MRCC yet, so I can't say which is causing the instability. Those USB host ports are specifically supposed to be host ports for MIDI Class compliant devices, and while they do mostly work with whatever, there are occasional incompatibilities, mostly it seems to be with devices that wear lots of hats (like they can show up as a mass storage device, as well as a MIDI device, etc.), so my money is on the Deluge. Does the 2600 require any device drivers when connected with the computer? It may be worth trying to connect one of the devices at a time via 5pin DIN to see which is creating the issue.

I just asked Darryl and he said they had similar issues with the Neutron, and ended up getting it to work by turning off it's internal clock. You may give that a shot with the 2600 if it's an option.

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RE: MRCC Crashes trying to route Deluge to Behringer 2600 USB - by Jesse Johannesen - 09-30-2021, 06:43 PM

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