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ARGGH - never an evening where everything works/Remote
(09-10-2021, 09:50 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: Hey Nelson, it's great to read about the impact the MRCC has had on your workflow. Just to give you an update, we think we're onto the bug that is causing the saves to corrupt, which I think may be at the heart of your problem as well. I keep your eye out for a fw update in the next week or so we may need you to test it out (it's moving a little slow because our developer has been down with Covid over the last week).
One other potential reason that may need to be considered as to why you (or anyone else) may not be able to route after a certain point is that there is a hard limit of 50 routings. It seems that we need to add a notification when that occurs, so people know when that is happening. This may not apply of course, but I thought I'd mention it.

Thanks Jesse, 

I have also encountered the "load previously saved configuration" issue a few days ago. The MRCC was stuck at the boot screen and didn't show the routing matrix, even after several power cycles. I intuitively (didn't check the manual, ha ha this says something very positive about your interface design  Wink )  kept the green button pressed at next power on and MRCC recovered nicely into the factory preset. Of course my presets were gone and I cannot load the user preset anymore I created previously.

At the moment it is not a big deal as I also use the fast flexible workflow and can setup real quick routing. But of course for the future loading/saving reliably is important ;-)

DAW-less and going down the Eurorack rabbit hole.

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