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Just Got Mine!
Just had my NDLR delivered this morning! I had a chance to run home from work for lunch, and open it up and plug it in. Haven't had a chance to noodle, yet, but plugged it in and checked out all the menus. Looks great, and I can't wait to dive in this evening! 

One odd thing I noticed, is that the Pentatonic minor scale only shows 4 notes on the display. Anyone else notice this?

Thanks for the heads up Kev, I just plugged mine in and checked and I can confirm this is the case. I checked the C pent minor scale and it shows 4 dots, however the missing Bb dot is still represented on the Chord degree buttons, so it appears to be a cosmetic/informational issue. I'll get it logged and see if we can get it into the queue for a bugfix.
Hey! Thanks, Jesse!

I had a chance to start noodling last night, and I'm really loving this! I know the idea was to keep things relatively simple, but the NDLR is just an amazing tool for exploring and improvising with tonalities, especially of the heptatonic-(7-tone) sort, because of it's layout.

I hope there are plans to add more scales in the future (or, ideally, user defined note pools.)

As a total scale/mode freak for almost 40 years now, i'd love to contribute ideas for great scale choices. I see so many developers, of both hardware and software including redundant and incorrectly named interval sets within their products.

At any rate, I'm so looking forward to further exploring the NDLR. This is a dream machine!


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