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  Thread: Noob Bloos...
Post: RE: Noob Bloos...

Jesse Johannesen Wrote: (01-06-2023, 02:52 PM) -- Good idea, I will throw some of these together. Thanks for the suggestion -- did we ever get the video for this please trying to route my Arturia k...
amiganut Hardware MIDI Connectivity 10 854 01-11-2023, 09:39 PM
  Thread: MRCC Assign Labels
Post: RE: MRCC Assign Labels

MickG I assigned the labels to my ports then saved them as user 1 with all the connections I needed then recalled user 1 deleted the connection and saved it as user 2, user 3, a1,a2 etc so then they a...
amiganut MRCC Feature Requests 7 2,419 10-03-2021, 09:13 PM
  Thread: multiple connection problem
Post: multiple connection problem

with the MRCC I am finding that if I use the 5 pin connection as well as the 3.5 connection ie midi in port 1 and 6 and it looks like the out ports may be the same, I have to unplug all but 1 connecti...
amiganut Hardware MIDI Connectivity 0 431 10-03-2021, 09:00 PM
  Thread: more inputs
Post: more inputs

I really need more inputs any chance of adding more please
amiganut Feature Requests 1 604 09-19-2021, 10:41 PM
  Thread: MMRC USB connectivity
Post: RE: MMRC USB connectivity

Hi guys just ordered this after my Motu started having routing issues are the usb ports capable of carrying an audio signal that would make it even more awesome  Thanks
amiganut General Support 14 6,717 06-19-2021, 11:08 PM