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Full Version: Can't get USB PC to USB host to work
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I'm trying to migrate from MioXL to MRCC.
Currently setting up my DAW mapping

PC IN to DIN OUT works fine
Using PC virtual port 1 (named MRCC in DAW)
I push the PC left button (green)
Select virtual port 1 (highlights green)
Select the MIDI OUTS 
send data over the right channels and everything works

PC IN to USB B out, doesn't work
Now, I connect a Moog One via USB to USB B > USB light > GREEN
Again I select PC Left button
This time I choose virtual port 2 (or MIDIOUT2 (MRCC) )
I select the right USB B button (turns blue)
I play on the right midi channel in DAW pianorol
nothing arrives at Moog One

Moog works fine when connected to MioXL via USB

Any suggestions? where am I going wrong?
Found it, Moog One is not compatible
Damn, I wanted to decommission my MioXL, but no can do yet.
Can you put your Moog on DIN cables?  For purposes of MIDI, there shouldn't be any speed disadvantage.  I've had to do that for some synths with non-compatible USB ports.
The dins are all occupied, good reason to buy a 2nd unit Smile
If you mean two MRCCs, yes, that's very handy, it makes cabling across a middle space much simpler. If you meant two Moog Ones, well, I wouldn't mind that either.