A Warning About Scam NDLR Sales

If it’s too good to be true…

Darryl and Steve have a philosophy that causes us to work hard to make our stuff affordable. You could say we are cheap and we like a good deal, and we want you to get a good deal too. However, we know to be cautious when a deal looks too good to be true. 

Thanks to our customers for reporting fake scammer site NDLR ads on Facebook. See some examples of them on the right ->. These are not us. In fact, we don’t think you will receive anything if you order from one of these bogus sites. Some users have reported that their web browser protection blocked them from these sites, so there may be risk in even looking at them.

We are currently only taking orders for The NDLR on Conductivelabs.com,Indiegogo and a couple of select retailers in the USA. In the future that could change, but it will be clear that it is not a strange 3rd party selling NDLRs. Please continue to report these fake ads to Facebook, maybe they will do something about it eventually. 

Scammer web site